Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Free Christmas Cards

Seriously, I am not joking. Shutterfly is doing a promo to earn 50 free Christmas cards just for blogging about them. So of course I am on it. I actually spent a little too long perusing their website and all the cute things they have to offer. If you would like to spend a good hour on the web like me go here.

Obviously the first thing I looked at were the cards, seeing how I would need to purchase, I mean, earn some. I chose 2, which are very different. Here is the first:

I am loving green, gray, and black these days so I thought this was the winner. However, I love the informal, fun look of this one:

I am leaning towards the second, seeing how I am not really a formal, elegant type of girl. But we will see. Maybe we should have a vote? Let me know what you think.
Next up I visited the address labels. I have been needing some of these for a while and I thought I could satisfy my gray/green fetish with these:

Love them.
What next? Calendars of course. I really wish I could have gotten a better picture of the one I wanted, but I am not the most technically savvy girl out there. So, if you want to check it out for yourself go here.

It really reminded me of one my mom had growing up. I wasn't even in the picture but I loved it all the same.
Then I browsed through the photo gifts and came across this gem. I can just imagine my kids doing a puzzle with a picture of themselves.

So there you have it. And the great thing is this is only a tiny fraction of the cute things you can get from Shutterfly. I strongly suggest you go check it out.


Julie said...

look at you - promo girl - I hope you get your 50 free! I like casual and fun number 2! It's definitely you and your family. Do I get one? :)

Becky said...

Cute stuff! We definitely like shutterfly. Sorry your girls had to give up their gymnastics! And then I blogged about it! I can definitely sympathize with the budget thing, though. If Jack were in preschool this year we definitely couldn't do both.
PS-I like the 2nd card best! I always think black and white is classy . . .

Andrea said...

Love it! I got my email with the code for 50 free...can't beat it!