Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Weather

It has been an awesome week of weather, wouldn't you all agree? And Fall has got to be one of the best seasons around with all the colors, the Holidays, and the certain articles of clothing one gets to wear. And what is better than a 70+ degree day in November playing in leaves? Heaven.
And a big shout out to James for getting baptized today. Congrats!


Jamie said...

Amen! This weather has been just amazing.

And I'm really wishing I had some of your donuts right now. Yum!

Julie said...

I LOVE you for posting your grateful things. This is really fun! And the weather has been amazing. Unreal even. I'm so glad you are enjoying it!

Sarah said...

Hopefully some of that warm weather heads east down I-80 so I can have some too!

Kim said...

I love your backyard! Every season looks beautiful out there.

Jake Veigel said...

I want some. I stood for three hours in low 40s today at a football game.