Thursday, November 18, 2010


A Cheap Craft

Can you believe I turned this:

Into this:
Yep. I did. I wish I could say I thought of it all by myself, but no, I got the idea from my friend Sarah's Blog. Since I was trying not to spend money I went to the DI and found that magical Christmas wreath for a buck. Then I went to Joann's and got all this for $4.50.
And I get to return 4 sheets of felt, so the grand total for my super cute wreath is $4. Nice huh?
I started by unwrapping the metallic foil from the wreath and ended up with a perfectly good straw one.

Then I just tied the yarn on the wreath:
And started wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and get the idea:

Once I had wrapped the whole thing I just tied the string off:

And it ended up looking like this:

Next up the flowers. First you cut out a wavy circle. The size just depends on how big you want your flowers:

Then start cutting the circle into a spiral like so:

All the way to the end where you leave a little nubbin to glue onto the back of the flower:

Then start winding it up like this:

When you get to the end just glue the nubbin in place:

And you end up with a fantastically cute flower:

After you have made all the flowers you want, arrange them on your wreath and glue in place:
Then find a cute ribbon, tie it around the wreath, and hang in that vacant spot you have:

Voila, a cute, colorful wreath that is cheap, easy, and perfect for Thanksgiving.
(I just did spell check and totally thought Nubbin would be highlighted. Who knew that was a real word? I just thought it was Chandler's third nipple.)


Dayna said...

My kind of craft project, cheap and easy! Very cute!!

Annie said...

SO cute! I love how it turned out!

Anonymous said...

So cute Amy! That is Chandlers third nipple. lol

Sarah said...

Yours turned out so cute! It has me thinking I need to add more flowers to mine. I'm glad you tried it!

Ashlee said...

very cute!
and i personally appreciate the friends reference!

hbentley said...

DYI blog style. You are my inspiration. I need to work on a craft. I might have to adopt thins for a little christmas activity. Love it.

Julie said...

You are adorable! I love the wreath - excellent improvement on that 80's crap-ola wreath - and I love the whole 'nubbin' comment and the flowers are cuties. nice choice on the yarn even. Bravo! We'll just call you Martha from now on.

Jamie said...

CUTE! I laughed so hard at the Chandler nipple reference. Hilarious!!!

Becky said...

I so need you to teach me how to be creative. This is so cute.