Friday, January 21, 2011

The Assembly Line

A lot of things we do in our house is assembly line style. Lunch is no exception. We went out to lunch yesterday and instead of buying my kids a meal that would end up not being eaten I deciding to pack them all lunches.
When we arrived at Yanni's (a Jensen Fave) we got the kids settled, unpacked the glorious lunches, and the chowdown began.
Here is a pic of the whole group. Brooke is taking the picture. There were 7 adults and 10 kids. Lets just say it was kind of crazy and loud.

Always a treat to go out to lunch with the Jensen girls. However, with kids involved I think my limit is once every couple of months. Without kids, well, I could probably handle that more often.


Becky said...

Wow! And the lunches even look healthy. That is an impressive feat. I can tell why you don't do that very often!
Cute Oakley practicing her letters while she is in time-out. What a sweetheart.

Maga said...

Fun time!! We'll plan on it again in a couple of months!!

Sarah said...

That's a great idea - I can't even imagine buying lunch for five kids - especially if the don't eat it!

And how cute is Oakley - I love that she is doubling her punishment by practicing her letters :)

I can't believe how grown-up your "babies" look. They are both darling.

Julie said...

smart to pack lunches. looks like they ate them up. I can only imagine the degree of organization it must take just to get those kids fed or clothed.