Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The SnowShoeing Experience

We went snowshoeing over the weekend and it was awesome. If you haven't been snowshoeing before you need to try it and if you have, well, you need to try it Trent style. We hiked up to his cabin Friday night, in the dark. 2.6 miles later we arrived. Of course, Kim and I did a self portrait.
We settled in, built a fire, drank hot chocolate, and cuddled in lots of blankets for the night. The next morning we ventured out to find some extreme sledding hills. Trent and I were very excited. Actually, we were just impersonating Aiden's new pose.

Here is Luke and Kim at our sledding spot. It was so awesome to be up there all by ourselves.

Trent and I blazing the trail. Well, Trent was blazing the trail and I followed in his footsteps.

And of course we had to take another self portrait when we conquered another mountain.

And this was the usual scene snowshoeing. It was fun to listen to Luke groan as he made his way up the mountain. ;)

And now the fun part. Seriously the best part of snowshoeing is the sledding. We, or should I say Trent and Luke, packed up our sleds so we could slide all the way down the mountain instead of hiking out. Once again, something everyone should try at least once.

And here is the crew right before our departure. I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all.

And what is playing in the snow without making a snow angel?

And since I am lazy I am not going to download the sledding videos, but if you are interested just go to youtube and do a search for cecilyerby. Don't ask me why that name, it's all Trent's doing. Oh and just for the record, those drop offs look a lot scarier in real life.


Beth Monson said...

That looks so awesome. Did you take that first photo of the sun shining through the trees? That is SO pretty. That is an award winning photo.

Trent said...

5 years between excursions is way too long. We need to start planning our next snowshoe trip. This was so much fun, and the conditions were absolutely perfect.

Thanks for documenting the fun.

Jake said...


Kim said...

What an amazing little vacation! Thanks for making it happen and letting us tag along. I'm still laughing at all the videos.

Maga said...

Thanks for the winter excursion blog while I sit home and keep warm by the fire!!!

John said...

Wow! That was a magnificent view seeing all white all over is a marvelous site.

Thank you for posting the pictures.

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Angela said...

Wow! That looks amazing! You guys are so adventurous!

Sarah said...

I snowshoed for the first time in December and amazingly liked it. I am typically really lazy and almost passed out from the work but I really enjoyed it!