Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bones Birthday Bash

We had the boys birthday party yesterday. I am pretty sure the boys and kids all loved it. It was pretty crazy in our house for the 2 1/2 hours. We had 16 kids total (+ 1 cute Jackson who didn't participate in the festivities, but is worth a mention because of his extreme cuteness).

My boys love anything and everything spooky, so I always ask the boys what kind of party they want around Halloween, that way I can find oodles of spooky treats, party favors, and decorations.

This year the boys wanted a Skeleton Party. I opted not to do a cake, but just cupcakes with skull and cross bone toothpicks. Much easier choice.
I have this skeleton as part of my Halloween decor. Unfortunately, I never put it away this year. Like I said I am busy and maybe a little lazy. Anyways, I had to go and dig it out of the snow so I could use it as my center piece. Some of the bones are still missing...

The kids arrived one by one and with each new kid the craziness level went up a notch. Our first activity was making spooky skull bracelets. Luckily Heidi was there with me. She helped tie off some bracelets. She was a life saver all. night. long.
Trent was supposed to pick up pizza on his way home from work, but got stuck fixing a problem. Once again Heidi to the rescue. She held down the fort while I made the pizza run. And she helped me serve the crazies.
After dinner we did presents. Lets just say the boys were spoiled rotten. They got more from their friends than they did for Christmas. I am not exaggerating.

It was pure chaos. I tried and tried to get the kids to sit back, but it did not work.

After presents we did the Treasure Hunt. I was actually cursing Heidi when I was putting this together. You see, she did a treasure hunt with clues for one of her parties once and Aiden and Andrew said that was what they wanted. It was hard to come up with 10 different rhyming clues for things hiding around the house. However, she did make up for it when she entertained all the kids in a room while I hid everything. ;)

See what I mean, utter chaos. I think Heidi's face sums it up. Oh, and I guess Jackson did participate in the treasure hunt.

I had to add this picture. The kids were checking out their loot and Josh was posing for the camera. Love it.
Last, but not least, cupcake time. Once again very simple, but I don't think the boys cared one bit.

Aiden blowing his out:

And Andrew:

Overall I think the Bones Birthday Bash was a success. Aiden and Andrew kept saying over and over that it was the best day/birthday ever. Granted they say that about a lot of things, but it is still nice to see your kids having the time of their lives. Thanks to all the friends that came, brought gifts, and had fun with us. And a BIG thanks to Aunt Heidi for being her awesome self. I would have died by myself with all those kids.
And since Aiden is VIP this week he wanted to bring his center piece to school for show and tell.


Sarah said...

Wow! You really go all out for these birthdays! No wonder the boys said it was the best day of their lives :) You may be in charge of planning my next big birthday!

Kim said...

16 kids is nothing for you, right? I'm sure you handled it well and I bet those kids thought you were pretty cool. The party looks like it was awesome and a huge success. Maybe next year, Oliver will be cool/old enough to be invited. ;)

Happy Birthday boys!

Julie said...

I'm glad you think to buy up stuff at Halloween for their party. You are so clever. A bones party is fun. That is a lot of kids! Happy Birthday to your Aiden and Andrew!

Jamie said...

This doesn't even surprise me. It seems like you're always doing super fun things and making their birthdays really special. I have a new goal this year to really celebrate my girls' birthdays, so I'm sure I'll be calling for advice.
Your kids are lucky to have you for their mom.

Jake said...


Jake said...

You are a good mom. This looks very fun! And considering everything else in your life quite amazing. And 16 kids. All I can say is Wow. B

Angela said...

Looks the the party was a huge success! Did you get my text? Sorry we couldn't make it, but it looks like you didn't need any extra kids anyway! LOL :)

The Capson's said...

SO SO SO cute. You are seriously So creative. I love it. I also love your "Christmas Bones" as the center piece. It looked like a fun and way cute party.