Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing Hooky

We decided to skip school, work, and all other responsibilities on Friday and go snowmobiling. We had to at least get one trip in before the snow melts. We woke up bright and early, ate some cereal, and headed out.

We made it safely to the cabin after mine and the girls near death experience. Lets just say we lost control for a little bit and made it safely between 2 trees just wide enough for the snowmobile and managed to stop before going doing the mountain side-all with my eyes closed. And Trent says I can't drive a snowmobile. ;)

Once at the cabin we hung out, played games, did puzzles, ate, watched movies, slept, and did a little more snowmobiling.

And a little sledding and playing in the snow.
I think it was a fantastic day of Hooky with my cute little family.


Kim said...

I think it's okay to play hookie every now and then...especially when you're doing something that awesome. You guys seriously are so fun.

Miss Lacey said...

You guys are such cute parents! What a fun day!

Maga said...

Glad to see your day of hookey and glad you all survived!!!!