Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Shoeing

We went snow shoeing over the weekend. It was a fantastic time. Here is the crew that made the trek with us. Dough, Lindsay, Trent, Me, Kim, Luke. Greyson is pictured, but he stayed behind.

Trent and I as we get pumped to hike up the mountain.
Luke and Kim getting ready. Somehow they were always the last ones ready....

And Doug and Lindsay. Doug likes candid shots better, so he was "fixing" his pole.

The girls

The boys.

The animal.

The boys did some extreme sledding in a wind and snow storm.

And the girls did a few runs, took some pics, and made fun of things at the top of the hill. It was stinking cold. You see the snow on my cheek? Ya, that was frozen there.

After eating some lunch and getting warm, Luke and I headed out to do some more sledding. The others stayed behind and played some mean games of Rumikub.

And Luke and I had a killer run down the mountain.

One of the main activities was eating. We laughed at the difference in food that was packed in. Can you tell who brought what?

Mine and Trent's was the top one. Very minimal. A few dehydrated meals, rolls, chips, fruit, tuna fish pack, charleton chews, and a pack of cookies.

Luke and Kim's on the bottom right. Dehydrated meals, popcorn, jerky, cheese and crackers, ramen noodles, chips, dessert, bagels, hot chocolate, cream of wheat, fruit rolls ups, and I am sure a few other things not pictured.

Doug and Lindsay brought their whole kitchen. Tin foil dinners. 8 burritos. 8 cans of coke. 8 cans of Dr. Pepper, 3 cans of Mnt Dew, bagels, Duck sauce, pretzels, chips, oats and honey bars, 2 huge symphony bars, cadbury eggs, twizzlers, poptarts, and peanut butter.

And we enjoyed every bite of the spread.

And Luke was in heaven with his 5 servings of lasagna.

In preparation to leave, we had to get our engagement shot.

And a group shot.

I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all.

Trent now has the snow fun "itch," so we will see what is in store next time.


Kristen said...

Ooohhhh! It looks like it was SO much fun! I am SO sad we missed it. Next time baby! We will be there. St. George will have to just wait next time. :)

Maga said...


linds said...

i look like a midget in that last picture. for the record, doug packed our food. he likes to have all the necessary items on hand...chocolate and coke. loved the trip. i thought i was going to die on the way in, but it was totally worth it in the end. ps, can i steal your entire post? thanks.

Kim said...

Yeah this year was a lot harder than last year...I guess being large and out of shape will do that to me. Even though, it was still pretty fun. Thanks for allowing us to go.

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