Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dentist

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen these pics. But since I don't print out my instagrams into my life books I thought I should put it on my blog too.

Yesterday Andrew had to get a cavity filled. Not fun. However, he was so brave. He told me to wait in the lobby instead of sit next to him.
 And then halfway through he got really nervous and came out to find me. I got to hold his hand through the real scary stuff. But he did so good. Even through the worst part-the shot.
 And he enjoyed the toy he got to pick out of the treasure box. And the jeep is perfect way to fly a Styrofoam airplane.
Andrew really did so good, probably a lot better than I would. Lets hope I don't have to test that theory out. I have an appt later this hoping for a cavity free check up.

Oh and Trent bought me more space, so now I can blog till my fingers fall off.


Julie said...

That is so cute that he wanted to be brave and do it alone but then he missed you.

Kim said...

Love drewster the rooster!