Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day Trent took The Hoard up to the cabin for the weekend. Unfortunately I had to work so I had to stay home by myself. I am not going to lie, it was pretty relaxing, but I would have rather been "relaxing" up at the cabin.

They arrived late and had a midnight snack.

Trent had to fit all 6 of them on one 4 wheeler. The kids didn't seem to mind.


They found this cute little frog.

Which I am sure Aiden either wanted to keep as a pet or try and kill it.

Some deer came up for a visit as well.

It rained and apparently the kids were amazed. It must rain differently up there.

So differently they needed a different view.


But since it rained they were able to roast marshmallows. Trent gets extra points for this. He hates smelling like smoke and he hates making smores.


They travelled to the "yelling place." The kids love this.

Trent was so nice to take the kids and entertain them all weekend. Some of his family joined him near the end of the weekend and he was so glad. They were all so good to help with The Hoard and give Trent somewhat of a break.

Speaking of how amazing Trent is I realized even more how much he does around here.

The counter stayed a little messy for a while after they all left.

The garbage was full for most the weekend.


My bed never got made.

And the laundry piled up.

Just had to document how awesome Trent is and how much he does to make our lives spectacular and super clean. ;)

And don't worry, I am not as much of a lazy wife as you might think. I had every thing cleaned up by the time he got home.


Andrea said...

Where's the new bedding?

Kim said...

I just have to point out that even though your kids were out of town, it looked like they weren't with the sugar cereal, Halloween doodle, sippy cup and hair detangler. I bet you used every single product on that counter. Love it ;)

Julie said...

That is so fun! Props to Trent for taking the hoard on safari. That takes work! And I love that he isn't a lazy hubby. So many ladies complain about having to clean up after their hubbies. Wait a minute, he even took pictures. WOW! You guys are fun.