Thursday, October 4, 2012


We have started the soccer season here at The Hoard and it has made our life total chaos. We have a game or practice every night except Friday. We can barely keep up with it all.
The boys are on the Green Lightning team.

Oakley is on the Red Race Cars. Not sure where they came up with that name.

And the girls are on the Pink Unicorns. Which Aiden informed them was dumb because all the unicorns can do is fly and make rainbows.

Here is to Soccer!


Kim said...

Paige and Oakley's (forced) smiles...priceless.

linds said...

i love aidens comment about unicorns. mostly because it is true. and funny.

Julie said...

That does sound crazy. But I love it. And I love the Pink Unicorns and I love that their brother thinks it's dumb. How is a child sufficiently humbled without siblings?

Anonymous said...

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