Saturday, October 20, 2012

St. George Marathon 2012

I am breaking our vacation up into a few parts. I couldn't tackle it all at once. First up is the Marathon. We had quite the crew there to watch him cross the finish line.
 Love this pic of Grandpa Brad and Oakley.
 Me and Jenny

Heidi and the children.

Trent beating out tube socks guy.

Trent had a rough run. Had some leg/muscle and bowels issues. He went straight to the massage table. Not a lot of chatting it up for him. Even though he had issues he still PR'd with a time of 2:41:11. Amazing.

So while we were waiting for him to recover I tried to get a shot with me and the kids. No one was really happy about it.

After Trent had a massage and threw up a few times we snagged this picture of him and his running partners.  They all did amazing.

And finally a group shot. Love this family of mine.
Another marathon come and gone. Peace out until next year, which I, for some reason, signed up to run. Eeek!


Trent said...

Thanks for supporting me. I love knowing you are all there to see me finish. I'm excited for you to try this crazy race out, but not really looking forward to fighting for training time.

Good think I love you....

Maga said...

I'm glad to be back to the Blogs!!
Don't desert me--keep them coming!!
I love seeing your cute kids!!!!