Sunday, March 3, 2013


We made another trip up to the cabin to get one last Winter run in before Spring melts all the snow away. After the casualties of the last trip, Trent made a special order of sleds. Luckily they came the day before we had to leave.
On the way up we hit up Cafe Rio again. I think this will be a new tradition.

We met the rest of the crew at the gate and these 5 started walking. Luckily Steve came along and let us borrow a snow mobile and gave Jenny a ride up to the cabin.

Loved having this crew join us this time.

We all found a spot and relaxed. Trent was out so fast, which is typical. Once this guy stops moving he falls right asleep. And Ben was nice enough to go through the whole Ripley's book with my boys. He explained everything and the boys were fascinated.

Oakley decided she was hot halfway through the cuddle session and started flailing her legs around. Poor Brooke and Morgan got a few kicks in the face.

This is what it looked like at nights. Loved relaxing by the fire.

After a good nights rest we headed out to show the new comers what extreme sledding was all about.
Some of them had a hard time getting it at first.

After some semi extreme sledding, the adults hiked up the mountain for some real extreme sledding.

 And boy was it a hike. We were all sweating by the top.

This is my favorite shot of the week, taken right before we made the trip back down the mountain.

And, as always, The Hoard loved riding in the toboggan.

Funniest part of the trip? Aiden decided he would break the rules and eat all the gushers and fruit roll ups. So we thought up the perfect punishment. He had to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I know that doesn't sound like a punishment to the normal person, but Aiden isn't normal. The best punishment for his is to make him eat something he doesn't like.

There was a little hair doing train going on.Unfortunately I wasn't in on it. Nothing better than having your hair played with.

And the miracle of the trip? Trent slept in.

And unfortunately with any trip, it has to end. We had 2 casualties on this trip. One of them was a major fatality. Ben obliterated his sled. Now that's extreme sledding.
So that's it until next year. We will miss you snow.

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