Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moab 2013

The day after Dodee's funeral we headed down to St. George. After such an emotionally long two weeks it was good to have this adventure ahead of us.
We drove down, hit up Training Table, a couple of gas stations, and finally made it to Moab.

We picked up our packets, set up camp, and got our running gear in order.

Luke, Kim, and I were running the 5 miler together. Its always fun to chat it up, people watch, and freeze together at the top.

Always a good thing to cross the finish line. Every one did fantastic!
Luke 48:48
Kim 47:23
Amy 40:34
Trent 1:20:50
The Moab race have THE best snacks at the end. I  mean the BEST snacks.
They even have TruMoo chocolate milk! For those that know me know this is the best chocolate milk around.

After race photo shoot, as always.

 And come to find out I got 2nd place in my age division. Next year I am shooting for first!

We filled our stomachs with some Mexican food at La Hacienda.
It was pretty bright outside.

Then we went jeeping. This always scares me to death.

Once at the top Kim and I had some fun. It was really windy, so I tried to fly away.

Kim jumped and her shoe did actually fly away, never to be seen again.
But at least we got a good jumping pic.

The boys thought we were dumb and decided to look at a plane in the sky instead.

Love this group.
That night we hit up Pizza Hut. Slowest service ever, even for a Pizza Hut. But we keep coming back because the food is just too dang good.
So while we waiting forever in between seeing our waitress we had fun with the camera....again.

Afterwards we got some treats. Moab used to be 1 of the 2 places I could find my Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream, but no more. I almost cried. This ice cream as gone the way of the Dodo.....

So I settled for a cone from McDonalds, which I do love. But honestly, what kind of cone is this?

 We had some fun times as always. Never pass up a chance to be dumb and laugh with this group.

  Sunday morning we enjoyed sleeping in and laying around.
Then did some last minute shopping where I found me a quail magnet!
Kim and I found some hot sunglasses at a random gas station.
 And we walked up and down main street for other treasures.
After that it was time to say farewell.
We did so with another photo shoot.
Long Live Moab.

And a big shout out to our babysitters at home. Jenny, Nate, Brooke, and Ben! This trip couldn't happen without someone taking care of The Hoard. Thank you guys!
And last, but not least Memorable Moments and Quotes.
-Trent trying to find a Moab shirt
-Luke is Winchell
-"Morgan calls it a chicken" -Trent
-"That's what happens when you eat..." -Luke
-Kim's chin
-"At least I look good" -Amy
-"Kim, turn around, It's Amy..." -Trent
-"I thought it was a dinosaur taking his own picture!" -Amy
-"My shoe!" -Kim
-"Does this come with a spoon?" -Amy to Waitress
-"It's not even worth your dollar fifty?!!" -Luke at Kim
-"Is that the same Chinese guy?" -Amy
-Head lamps
-Luke going through the snack tent 4 times past the "security guards"
-"I am not eating a sandwich." -Luke
-"I have to pee again" -Amy
-"Trent, what do you call that again?" -Kim
-finding perfect sunglasses at the gas station
-Amy being annoyed with the know it all T-shirt shop guy
-"Well that's sad!" -Amy and T-shirt shop guy
-"That water was the worst water I've ever had!" -Luke
-"You break it, you don't fix it" -Amy at Trent
-"What was that?!" -Amy at Trent
-"That made my butt pucker" -Luke
-"Someday I'll lose my weight, throw up all the food I've ate..." -Amy
-"Someday day I'll gain some weight..." -Trent

And the best quote of the trip...

"Amy, I'm sorry I compared you to a fat lard and Kim, I'm sorry I called you a slut" -Trent

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