Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's

Like I said, we had fantastic babysitters while we were away at Moab. I stole what pictures were taken to document all the fun. Nate and Jenny took Friday night, which I don't have any pics of. Jenny probably didn't want to remember any of this I am sure. ;)
Brook and Ben had the rest of the weekend. They took them to a St. Patrick's Day party with Ben's family and then the kids got to sleep over at the Lee's. They even made a trap to catch the Leprachaun.
Unfortunately they didn't get him, but apparently came pretty close.

Brooke and Ben had had enough, so they locked the kids outside for a while. Something I do on a daily basis.
And they worked their magic and made these 2 fall asleep at church. I couldn't believe it.

The kids had a blast with their babysitters. The Hoard loves a vacation from parents about as much as we love a vacation from kids.

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