Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cousin Trip

The week after school got out we headed down south for a cousin week of fun. We were quite the group where ever we went. We stopped in Fillmore for a quick bite to eat in hurricane like winds.

Upon arrival we discussed rules of the house and pool.


Then we swam

Did some sliding
And jumping.

And some lounging.

The kids were in Heaven.

I was so excited for the bedtime and my kids actually went to bed quickly.

We did a lot of eating down there.

But the favorite was Swigs for cookies, donuts, dirty cokes, Italian cream sodas, drinks, and shaved ice.

I was smart enough to sit away from the kids and eat my delicious PB cookie.

So were Jamie and Miles.

There was even some late night binging of crazy bread.

We hit up the rivers and met up with our cousin Tiffany and her cute twins.

And, of course, there was running. We woke up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat.
And conquered Dixie Hill.
Grandma Teri sent a goodie bag with lots of treats.

There were many books read.
Popsicles to cool the kids down.
And just plain cousin time.

with beautiful scenery.

Loved spending the week with these 3 beauties.
And LOVED spending time with my Hoard.
On the last night we ate at Pizza Hut. As soon as I found out there was a dine in Pizza Hut I made plans to go. And it did not disappoint.
And for dessert? You guessed it, one last Swig stop.
That night everyone passed out except for Andrew.
And when I got home I left the unpacking and passed out myself with a napping buddy.
Such a fun, fattening, exhausting, hilarious, and great time.
Thanks Jensen ladies!

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