Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wasatch Back

These Ragnar posts are always daunting. We always have so many pictures that portray all the fun we have and I have the hardest time narrowing them down.

I finally got around to it. So here is my recap of the Fabulous Wasatch Back.

I was in Van 1 so we headed up to Logan Thursday night to hit up Firehouse Pizzeria for dinner. I almost freaked out when Firehouse wasn't there, but thanks to the Internet and phone calls we found out it just moved locations. Catastrophe avoided.

We made it and dined on the most delicious food.

But the icing on the cake was actually the ice cream on the cookie. Oh so delicious and satisfying.

Afterwards we piled back in the car to get the necessities at the local market.

We purchased food, drinks, ice, treats, and then decorated the truck, which is a must.

Ben's sister Shelly was nice enough to let us stay in her house. She laid out mattresses and even made us home made granola bars. She really was so awesome.

Jill and I got to share a bed and things got a little crazy.

We woke up bright and early the next morning and headed to the starting line. Mike was not amused with the picture taking.

Hail to Van 1!

We started things off at 6:15. I am actually really starting to like being runner number 1.

We all had great first legs. It is always good to get things started and get the first one done.

After our first legs we hit up the cutest little BBQ place in Huntsville and ate some delicious BBQ'd meat. I had the pork sandwich and fries with multiple sauces. So so good.

Then we chilled at a park right across the street. Probably one of our favorite things.

We met up with the second van at the 2nd major exchange. Can anyone spot Brad?

Then we began our second legs. Van 2 snagged this picture of me and its one of the few pictures I like of me running. But don't be fooled by my happy face, I was completely miserable at this point. More to come on that later.

At the end of my second leg this guy drove right by me, made a U turn, and came to see me. Just at the right time.

During the course of the race we had a lot of fun together.

We had a celebrity sighting of the HGTV Dream Home, which should have been mine.

I got to run another race with my dad. Which is always a treat.

We stretched whenever and where ever.

We had the best recovery drinks after each leg. Which Mike counted each one for us.

We had some of the best volunteers. Jake and Lori were so nice to volunteer for us. Kalie volunteered for her husband, but we still had to get a pic with her. Don't have a picture of Chris, but his work was greatly appreciated.

And, of course, the nicknames.

"Famous Amus"

There were a few times people came up to me during the race and mentioned my running. Always nice to be recognized "on the streets" for your hard work.

"Ragnar Virgin"

This was Jill's first Ragnar, which is why she got her nickname. She did so well and I am so proud of her hard work. Its always fun to run a race with someone who is doing it for the first time.

"Hot Pants"

Jamie wore these hot pink pants while running. And Jamie is hot. So that is how she got her name.


Mike called Brad Santa once because of his white/grey beard. And he also mentioned that he doesn't think Brad thinks Mike is as funny as he thinks he is. I said, "Nope, I don't think you make him laugh like a bowl full of Jelly."

"Chatty Kathy"

Larry would stop and talk to anyone anytime. After every exchange we had to find Larry because he would be off chatting it up with someone.


Mike was checking himself out in the rear view mirrors a few times to make sure everything was in place. Hence the name. He also had another nickname, "The Anchor" since he was out last runner and always finished things off right.

After our final runs we hit up Park City for some breakfast. We really ate well during the race.

While we were relaxing and eating Van 2 was kicking trash.

They got to run "Ragnar" which is the death climb of all death climbs.
Jake and Heidi were the lucky ones that got to run it. They both trained their guts out for it too.

Jake did the first half.

And Heidi did the second half.

The best part of Ragnar Hill was Van 2 was running it the same time Trent was. Trent is on an Ultra Team so he had to do the whole hill himself. So glad Van 2 was there to cheer him along and see him finish. I think this picture of Jake and Trent is my favorite one from the whole race.

A couple more runners and then we were done.

Team BONK!

This was the first time all the Jensen siblings ran the same race. Pretty amazing right?

And, of course, we had to get a picture of the Mugbloods.

I really had a great time and not that it was hard with this group. Loved my van and love running. Everyone one of them were great. Mike jumped on the Ragnar wagon at the last minute because of another team mates injury AND had one of the hardest legs, which he rocked. Jamie swapped to a harder leg because of an injury as well. And she did amazingly. Jill, as mentioned before, was doing this for the first time. She trained hard and ran all 3 legs fabulously. Seriously so fun to see someone work hard and do something hard. Brad and Larry were the oldies of the group, but kicked all of our trashes. They are good consistent runners. Seriously, us young ones were walking around with sore muscles and knees, and these guys could have ran circles around us.

Once again for my own journaling purposes I am going to write about each of my legs.

Leg 1

I was runner 1 last year and I wasn't prepared for my first leg. I didn't realize it would be so much climbing at the beginning. It is 7.7 miles with 600 feet elevation gain in 1.5 miles.This year I trained on a lot more hills and was so happy with the outcome. I didn't have to walk once and finished with an 8 min mile average. LOVED my first run.

Leg 2

I was so excited for this leg because I love running down hill. It had a total elevation loss of 2186 in 8.2 miles. As soon as I started I got a severe pain in my left side. It really was some of the worst pain I have ever felt. It felt like my ovary had burst. It stayed with me for the first 4 miles. Then my IT band started hurting and it felt like I was getting stress fractures in my feet. I was so discouraged because I couldn't run as fast as I wanted AND I thought I was getting injured while doing it. Not my best run. I finished with a 8:02 min mile.

Leg 3

I was really worried about this leg because of my knee and feet. I had tried to walk as little as possible to prevent further damage. My knee and feet did hurt during the run, but I felt so much better not having the pain in my side. It was a 5 miler and I finished with 7:56 min mile.

Overall it was a fantastic race.
And always love running with this crew.

And per the Ragnar Rules here is a list of quotes.
Do you have poppy seed dressing? Mike. Parmesan peppercorn? Waiter

I push out. Amy
Yes! I can do something better than Amy. Jill

You should have brought an eye patch. Amy
Eh, you're not who we're looking for. Jamie
She's adopted. Larry
Just great. Sleeping in a houseful of dogs. Brad
I'm just worried about your poop. Mike.
Don't cheapen it. (Team theme. )
Up yours. Brad
She's kinda cute, what happened to you? Larry

I think my ovaries burst. Amy
Hey. There's team bonk. Jamie
Where's Larry? Everyone, every time we stopped anywhere.

And why not a 12 year old girl? Amy

They call me a Rapper, but I say no. You're a rapper! NO! Vine
Wait. I'm drinking this. Whose is it? Amy

With all my apparati. Jamie
I'm useless. Jill
I didn't even brace myself, I just let everything go. Amy
I wondered what her dad would think, oh wait he's dead. Mike

Aren't you supporting me? Amy

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Such a great post. I love you! You are everything that is good in our relationship. Love running with you.