Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goodbye For Now

We had to say goodbye to our Papa Bob. Its never a fun thing,  but it was such a different feeling this time around. Of course we were all sad and tears were shed, but there was such a peaceful and happy feeling as well. We all couldn't help but think how happy Dodee and Papa are now that they are together again. Papa could only survive 5 months without his sweet heart.

We each showed up one by one for the funeral and came to find that we all had a similar fashion idea.

The funeral was good and it was fun to remember Papa Bob. We headed to the cemetery and the in-laws gathered together. I am sure to talk about the Jensens.....

Being at funeral makes me grateful for this guy. Love that I get my life with him and love that I get eternity as well.

Papa had a great group of pallbearers.

And it was one of the coolest experiences to see the Military salute and pay tribute to one of their own.

So thankful for the knowledge that I have that families can be together forever. I want this Hoard with me for the rest of time.

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