Saturday, August 3, 2013

Allred Reunion

We had the Allred Reunion just before we went to Grey's River. First activity was hiking up to the Geyser. We got to meet a lot of little cousins along the way.

And big cousins. Love these girls. Sad we missed Stephanie. She didn't hike to the top and got there just as we were leaving too.

Oakley snagged a cute pic of me and Trent.

And Mandi snagged a cute pic of my cute family.

And since we had a full house the cousins got to sleep on the deck. Love this pic.
As soon as I can get them I will add some more photos of the festivities. There were a TON of people there. Love my big Allred Family!

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Kim said...

You look so tiny in these pictures. Hot Mama!