Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greys River 2013

I always have to get myself motivated to do vacation posts. We always take so many pictures. Its hard to narrow them all down. And, of course, one of our all times favorite vacations is Grey's River. We've been doing this annual trip since I was a kid and I loved it. And now my kids love it too.

We set up a camp that includes a kitchen, craft tent, fire pit, and endless outdoor fun.
The kids love all the stuff Grandma Holly prepares for them. She really is the funnest.

The adults lounged around, slept, and read books and magazines.

These two were the official lunch ladies.

I got to go running with my dad. Always a treat.
And then the River. This has turned into the favorite thing of the trip.

We make multiple trips down with canoes and tubes.

And sometimes stop to pee.

Then we hit up Murphy lake for some relaxing rowing around the lake.

And then our hike to Stump Lake. This time we did it in the evening and it was so much better....and cooler.

We always get our family picture taken here. And we do the best we can at getting a good one.....

Aren't my parent the cutest?

We almost took some friend home with us this year. Aiden and Oakley both caught a snake.

And a big thanks to this guy that gets the Bohemith loaded every time. He does a superb job.

And a huge thanks to these two that organize, provide food, cook, clean, and anything else you can imagine. They really are the best parents/grandparents around.

And love these ladies.

Next year we will have the WHOLE family together up there since Jake and Becky are moving back AND we will have 2 new babies! Then Trent and I can just laugh at Luke and Kim and the chaos of happy 2 babies camping. ;)
Until Next Year.

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