Sunday, October 20, 2013


For UEA we decided to see what our home town could offer us. We packed a lot into a few days. I for one was ready for school to start back up.
We started it off with a movie and popcorn.
The next morning we got up and headed to Cornbelly's. If you haven't done this you should. The kids love it.

 And these guys were enthralled with the show. Especially Mason. He would wander back by himself and dance to the music.

And the little kids couldn't get enough of the huge playsets in every shape and size. The favorite was the fire truck.
And the big kid's fave was the funhouse. Not sure why, but James would wander back by himself and be in there for a while.
And then there was the creature. Pretty scary.
Heidi brought cupcakes to celebrate James' BDay.

And these boys absolutely love being together.

And these girls do most of the time.

We snagged a family pic.

Which wasn't as easy as it looks.

 After we were there for hours we packed up and headed to McDonalds to eat, where the kids played for at least another hour. In the end we made it back home 8 1/2 hours after we left. And guess who fell asleep on the way home?

The next day we headed up to Lagoon.

We all fit in one tilt-a-whirl so I had to capture the squished mess.

We headed to Robintinoes for lunch afterwards and stole people's wishes out of the fountain....
We visiting with Grandma Wiggles.

That night the girls went to a shower for Jenny. Heidi was nice enough to watch ALL the kids and had a little party for Jame's birthday.
We walked into a dance fest of "What Does a Fox Say?'

The next day we went and got pedicures.

And then headed to a Halloween party at the Capson's, who by the way, through THE best parties.
And we got to have Daisy (and Brooke) with us for the evening. Oakley was in heaven.

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