Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching Up Again

The middle part of October consisted of a few more Lagoon trips to use our passes before it closed.
The kids thought the Fun House mirrors were hilarious.
They loved all the Halloween stuff.

And the gross ones the most.
And since it was our last time of the season and they beg every time we come we let them play a game for prizes. Of course we picked the game with a guaranteed win.

Trent is awesome and helped Maga install WiFi and other things.

I am not sure what this is.

We had a good laugh about this. Oakley made it in primary and its perfect.

The kids had crazy sock day at school.

 We played lots of soccer.

And had a Teacher day too.

The girls did Mini Mandonelles and performed at the football game halftime.

We satisfied a craving of pie crust cookies and almost ate a whole pan in one sitting.

But I did manage to save some for Jill.

And that leads us right into Halloween craziness.

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