Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years

We love St. George. And we love going down there for New Years.
The first morning I was up way to early working, but the sunrise was gorgeous.

The kids always want to be swimming so that was our first activity.

I sat this session out, but got to cuddle the kids that needed to be warmed up.

Then the real fun began when Bill and his crew showed up.

We hit up church and Andrew kept busy with my phone. He was still in the Christmas Spirit.
Love the photobomb of Grandpa Brad.

Trent even got into the puzzle. So surprising coming from him.

I started feeling a cold coming on so my dad gave me Alka-Seltzer cold. The next morning I didn't feel sick at all. it was magic.

I felt good enough to go for a run, which is a must while you are down in St. George.

Some of us enjoyed the hundreds of crafts Grandma Holly has for us.

Some of us took advantage of the down time and napped.

And some of us had a tournament with the crafts we made.
 And Andrew won.

We went all out for New Years Eve and hit up Artic Circle for all kinds of treats.

On the way home we got pulled over but got away with just a warning. Could have been a bad way to start the new year.

Another fabulous year and another fabulous trip to St. George in the books.

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Kim said...

Um you look gorgeous in that poolside picture. Seriously! And thank you for blogging. So fun!