Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Get Away

We headed up to the cabin for a fabulous winter getaway. Heidi and I took one for the team and walked up with the boys.

You would have thought they were dying. Seriously. A lot of complaining on the way up.

But at least they were worn out and ready for bed.

And so were the adults.

And there are few things better than sleeping by a fire.

We got up bright and early for a ride.

And had many crashes in the sled.

Heidi and I soaked in some sun whilst eating sweet chex mix and drinking our soda of choice.

We played a little Just Dance.

Loved being up there with this Grizzly Man.

And with these 2 newly weds.

And The Hoard was in heaven having these guys to play with non stop.

And, of course, my cute family. Always fun to take a break from real life and hang out with them.

We only made it up once this winter which was no good. Dang weather wouldn't cooperate and give us more snow. Hopefully next year.

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