Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Twins

The time had finally come for the babies to get out of Kim's belly. We hit up Yanni's for her last meal.

Only Kim and I could make it, but that was just fine. Luckily we like each other.

We had Oliver over while the Kim and Luke went to the hospital. We played a cup game to guess the genders. And the winner was a boy and a girl.

My mom and I headed up that night and got to meet the them. They were so tiny and so, so cute.

And the brainwashing began. I will be their favorite....

And then I got sick. No fun. I went to the store and bought whatever I could to try and get my cold gone fast.

And some secret person left me a box of magic tissues on my door. Loved them and love whoever left them.
And finally almost 2 weeks later I got to see the babies again.

And I could tell they missed me.

The Hoard got to see them through the display case.

And then finally in real life.

So many twins!!!

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