Friday, February 8, 2008

Getting to know us...

Jamie tagged me. So, here is a little something about Trent & Amy. Our lives are not that exciting, but here you go:

(Life before kids, actually pregnant w/Aiden and Andrew!)

*What is your name? Trent and Amy.
*How long have you been together? It has been 8 years this month since our first date.
*How long did you date? 6 months, engaged for 4.
*How old are you? Trent 30, Amy 28
*Who eats more? To look at us you would think me, but I think Trent may consume a tiny bit more.
*Who said I love you first? Trent. After our third date he asked what I thought about getting married. My first thought, “Psycho.” That is when my 6 month rule was established. And we didn’t break my rule, well, maybe by a few days.
*Who is taller? Trent. But I don’t know if you can say "tall." The question should be: Who is not the shortest?
*Who can sing better? Neither
*Who is smarter? Trent. He can do pretty much anything.
*Who does the laundry? Both of us. When you have to do 2 loads a day it is good to tag team it!
*Who pays the bills? Trent. It may not be a good thing, but I usually don’t know where our money goes or how much we have.
*Who sleeps on the right side? Me.
*Who mows the lawn? Trent. He won’t let me mow the lawn because I won’t do it right???
*Who cooks dinner? Me. If you can call it a dinner.
*Who is more stubborn? Trent.
*Who kissed who first? Trent.
*Who asked who out first? Trent. After having my number for a year and after dating one of my best friends! I am glad it didn’t work out for them. ;)
*Who proposed? Trent. “So, will you?”
*Who has more friends? Definitely me. On our first date we hung out with Trent’s 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 cousin, and his ONE friend. But honestly, it is great when your best friends are your family!
*Who is more sensitive? Trent sensitive? Most people are afraid of him.
*Who has more siblings? Trent, by three.
*Who wears the pants? Both of us. (see earlier post, Just a Little Fun)

*I tag Cecilie, Autumn, and Amber D.*


Cecilie said...

Fun post! You haven't called me this week I'm having a case of the "Amy withdrawals"!

Luke & Kimmy said...

look how fat.... Milo is!


melissa said...

It's true I have been afraid of Trent ever since I gave your kids ice cream bars. According to Trent "there are so many other desserts that aren't so messy." Trent what did you think of those pictures of Oakley with the Chocolate pudding?

Trent said...

One of the biggest challenges for me as a Dad is realizing that kids aren't clean. Thankfully I have one obsessive cloan in the bunch. For a little one Aiden is amazingly clean. Aiden makes a good argument that the disease he and I suffer from is innate not learned. When it comes to keeping my kids clean I hope everyone is afraid of me.

JamieN said...

LOL. Mission accomplished, Trent. Everyone is afraid of you.
Amy - Yay! I'm so glad you did the tag. I never do them so I was putting my neck out on this one. It's fun to read about you and Trent. Ahh, the good ol' days when you guys were dating. Fun times. We're so glad we got you!

scharee said...

i'm in town and dying to see the family! if you want to have a few people come for lunch that would be fun, but i at least need to stop by and say hi. let me know what you're up for and on what day. i hope you enjoyed the break from snow today!