Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The St. George Experience

We had a great time down in St. George over New Year's. Although much different from mine and Trent's experience a few weeks ago. We had fun in the pool, chillin' in the house, climbing on rocks, eating Pirate Pizza, and hanging out with family. I am warning you that there are a lot of pictures. Proceed at your own risk of boredom:

The Pool
Aiden turned into quite the swimmer while we were down there. He was going all over the pool by himself. I am glad at least one of my kids liked the water!
Andrew wasn't as big of a fan as Aiden. By the end of the first day he was jumping to me in the pool, but that was after everyone had left. Maybe he was just a little shy and didn't want to show off his jumping ability.

Oakley loved the water.....if she stayed in the hot tub. And I love the picture of her going down the slide with Trent. I must say the photographer must be real good to capture the moment that well! ;)

Paige and Morgan joined us the second day. I have never seen them so stoic. I think they enjoyed themselves. They looked so little and cute in their swimsuits though.
The Jensen House
We went shopping one night and left Trent and his dad to babysit. I think they are doing a fine job in the pics above! And Jenny was trying to catch up on some laundry in the other pics.

Grandma Wiggles

Grandma Wiggles had us over for a big turkey dinner on New Years Day. The food was so good. It was fun to have the family together. All of my girls cannot get enough of baby Oliver, as you can see in the right pictures. (We missed Jake, Becky, James, and Jackson)
The Veigel House

The boys loved climbing on the rocks in the backyard. They were truly being boys, building campfires (for pretend), finding bad guys, and getting dirty.

Everyone that played the Panda game got prizes. The favorite were the parachute men. They didn't work that great, but everyone had fun. More often than not they got stuck in the tree.
Pirate Island

Cade and Emily found a very cool and fun place to eat lunch on Saturday. It is like a glorified Chucky Cheese, but substitute Chucky with a pirate theme. It was a huge place and was decked out in Pirate paraphernalia. It was a pretty cool place. I would recommend it to anyone that has kids and likes to eat.
We enjoyed being down there with both our families and love that their houses are so close. Thanks to both for letting us invade both spaces. It makes St. George so fun having a nice place to stay.


Jacob J. said...

I am sad I missed the parachutes and pirates. Hopefully we can go there when I am in town!

Sarah said...

You can definitely tell you got a new camera recently ;) Ilove how you did the collages though - they definitely seem to tell the stories on their own. I think my favorite photos are of Oakley on the waterslide and your girls playing with Oliver - too cute! Oh and I love the girls' swimsuits! Looks like you all had a great time ~ I am jealous it was warm enough to swim!!

Jamie N said...

Looks like good times in the pool. I'm sorry I missed it all. You have so many kids!

Amber said...

cute, yea I'm jealous you're swimming too...OUTSIDE! Hard to believe we're in the same state.

bjensen said...

It was so much fun having you guys down here! I just love it when family happens to make their way down! Good times! I think you know what activity is next.....

Allen's said...

Looks like a great way to ring in the new year! I could use some sunshine right now!

Jill said...

I agree that you can tell you got a new camera, your pictures look great! I think it helps that your family is so cute ;).

I am sad I missed all the fun! The quiet house was nice, but I am glad you are back, even if I haven't seen you since... Dont worry, school starts for Steve soon and I'll be around a lot more, maybe more than you want!

Karina said...

Good job on the pictures!! I LOVE that one of Oakley sliding into the pool...brilant! and the one of her with the huge smile... she is such a doll!!!

Oh, and Kimmy told me that you want to hook up Kamryn with one of your boys... Im all over it, lets plan a date!

Julie said...

You must have a camera glued to your face! HA! No, seriously, you guys have a way cool time--I wish I had the nerves to be you.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Those are such fun pictures. I'm glad we got to hang out that weekend even if it was only a little bit.