Monday, March 15, 2010

Lots of Twins

We had Bill and Ann & fam up Friday night for a little get together. They have a set of twins too. And one cute little singleton girl just like us. It was good to finally have them over for dinner and a movie. I think Bill and Trent have been trying to set up a night for 5 years now. I'm not joking.
We loved the sight of all the kids eating. They got Little Caesars, while the grown ups got to enjoy Firehouse. Kids don't know the difference right? Thanks for making the journey. We will have to do it again.....and much sooner than 5 years!

(And I just finished my crafty project for Oakley's room, so as soon as Trent hangs it I will post some pics! Woot Woot!)


Jill said...

Fun! I'm glad you all got together. I think Aiden's face is the best part of this picture.

Jamie said...

Wow! Lots of twins is right! I can't believe how often you guys have events at your house. It's no longer the "Fat House" but the "Party House". I can't wait to see the developments on your rooms and your projects! I'm sure they're darling!

Kim said...

Party animals.

Andrea said...

Oakley is hilarious in this pic!! That's the most animated she was the WHOLE night! Thanks again for having us up--it was so fun. We definately have to do it again.

I can't wait to see Oakely's wall art up!! SO DARLING!