Monday, March 22, 2010


Last weekend Trent and I traveled down to Moab and met up with Jake and Candice. The reason for the trip was the Half Marathon, plus some extras of camping, jeeping, freezing, and movie watching. It was a good trip.
Trent and I got there a few hours before Jake and Candice, so we set up camp and hit the hay at 7:00. It was too cold to do anything else. Trent dozed off and I read for a while.
Saturday morning the boys ran their race. Trent did amazing and got 1:20:53. Jake got a PR as well....:) It was nice to have Candice there at the finish line with me. I am usually waiting by myself.

That afternoon we went jeeping. It always freaks me out. Then I look at the pictures and it doesn't even seem that bad. Makes me miss biking the trails though.

The campsite was pretty cool. Of course its not real camping, but it worked for the weekend. Saturday night we made an amazing dinner. I had to take a picture to remember it.

The end of the trip. Always sad, but always good to go home. Especially since I was cold the whole time I was there. I thought Moab was supposed to be warm?
Thanks Jake and Candice for coming and hanging out with us for the weekend. Always fun. And thanks to Kimmy and my mom for watching the Hoard!


cwilson said...

You guys get to do so many fun things! Way to go Trent! That time is amazing!

Jamie said...

Congrats to Trent and Jake! Yay! Good to see Jake is still alive. And how fun that you got to hook up with he and Candice. I felt cold just reading your post, and that pic of your dinner is seriously making me hungry. I want some beef! You guys are so adventurous. As Mike and I sat on our butts in SG, we commented that we're not where near as fun as you guys. :) And just for the record, I think jeeping looks scary in those pics, I can only imagine what it must be like in person.

Jamie said...

Correction - no where near as fun.

Kim said...

Hooray for running and setting new PR's! Nice work!

This trip looks like it was so fun...except the cold part. Next time, I want to go with you and run, but maybe just run the 5 miles.

Andrea said...

Way to go to the boys!! That's awesome! Looks like you guys had so much--too bad it was cold. I love me a good steak! I'm jealous of that dinner!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh ~ I am freaking out over how cute your new blog layout is! I love it!! And I really love your new header with the kiddos.

Looks like you had a great trip - all the photos turned out great. I miss Moab.

Steph said...

Burrrrr!!! You guys are die-hards! Wow, to bed by 7? That would be a PR for me. But, I agree when its so cold....get under the covers! Holy awesome time Trent! Way to go!

Maga said...

Congratulations to the runners--loved your blog about the trip; but the cutest part was the 5 kids in the beginning--looks like they survived too.