Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Visit With the Greats

We went to visit Maga and Papa last night. You see, Papa turned 85 last week, so we thought he needed a Birthday Visit. Better late than never right?
Morgan was having anxiety that night and didn't want to get in the picture. Oh well. At least they are all looking at the camera....except for Papa. :)
Trent and his Papa always have some pretty intense conversations when we visit. Its great to watch.

And, of course, there is always food to eat with Maga. M & M's, fruit snacks, and, my absolute favorite, Snickers Ice Cream Bar. Papa tried to get me to eat two. Good thing I am on a "diet" and was able to say no to a second helping. (and do you see Maga in the background. It's the only pic I could get of her. She does NOT like to get her picture taken. She would skeedaddle every time I pulled the camera out.)


Annie said...

Love those Snickers ice cream bars. And I love that you said "skeedaddle" - a favorite word of mine.

How great is your little family for dropping by to wish Papa a happy 80th?! So nice of you. He's such a dear man. Love him and Maga.

Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

That is fun that your kids can get to know some of their great grandparents. We only have Pom Pom left, so I guess we need to visit her more often! And to answer your question, Wow took Daisy. She was a birthday present for Kylie.

cwilson said...

That snickers looks so good!

Jamie said...

I love Maga and Papa. You guys were nice to drop by. Your "little" hoard is something else. We want to come up for a play date. Annie is DYING to get out of the house and for some interaction. Do you think you're kids can handle her beating them up for a few hours?

Maga said...

You are a great photographer and bloger; Papa turned 85--doesn't he look great for that? No wrinkles.