Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscars

I have a lot to post, but I am waiting on some pics to be shared, so for now you get a dose of the Oscars.

We love movies here at The Hoard, so of course we love the Oscars. Even Trent got in on the action.

And I had a great time watching the red carpet show and Oscars with Brooke. Always fun to make comments back and forth.
And here are my favorite dresses from the night. Loved Michelle William's whole look, Octavia Spencer's was my absolute favorite, and I loved Penelope Cruz's was just flowey, which I know is not a word, but that is how I describe it.

And here are my least favorite. Hated J. Lo's dress with that neckline, HATED everything about Meryl Streep's dress, and I hated Emma Stone's huge bow around the neck. It could have hung her.

But overall I thought the dresses overall this year were better than years past. And here are just a few more thoughts from Oscar Night.

  • Angelina Joli looks disgustingly thin. And what was with her stance?

  • Hating Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz's presentation of an Oscar.

  • Loved Chris Rock's presentation. Zebra's and Donkey's. Hilarious.

  • "Millionaires giving other millionaires golden statues." Favorite joke of the night.

  • Hated that Meryl Streep won best actress about as much as I hated her dress.

  • Loved the Cirque Du Soleil performance.

  • Hated the crudeness of Kristen Wigg and Maya Rudolph's oscar presentation. I may be the minority, but I don't necessarily think to be funny you have to be crude.

  • And on that note LOVED Billy Crystal, who validates that. He was awesome. He did such a good job and is just naturally funny. So much better than last year.

And thats my Oscar Recap.

Until next year.

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Kim said...

Loved Michelle Williams face but not the dress and I loved gwenth paltrows dress the most.....just though I'd throw in my two cents.