Monday, May 7, 2012

Kim's BDay Celebrations

We had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Kim on her birthday. We hit up 5 guys for dinner, which was delicious. Kim and I forgot to get a picture there, so we did a SP in the back of the car.
 Next we viewed the Avengers. Kim and Luke were those people that wore matching shirts and screamed and woot wooted at the movie. Just kidding. The didn't scream nor did they woot woot, but they did wear matching shirts.
Even though we were a subdued group the whole theater was super loud and obnoxious. Trent said it was like seeing Twilight with a bunch of 14 year old girls, but with 23 year old comic book geeks. The crowd really did ruin it for us, but nonetheless I thought it was a great show and can't wait to watch it in our theater. My favorite Mark Ruffalo. Love him. And the rest of the men weren't bad too watch either.

And the bonus of the night was running into Jill and Cameron in the same theater. Always a treat to get to see those two. And I may or may not have heard Cameron screaming when Thor showed up. ;)

Thanks Kim and Luke for inviting us to celebrate! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kim!


Jill Clark said...

Love the shout out! We loved running into you guys.

I think you are right - whether Cam would admit it or not, I think there was an audible swoon when Thor showed up.

He has since stated that he thinks he has a man crush on all the avengers (minus ScarJo - thank heavens).

Kim said...

Haha thanks for making it to our party even though you may not have wanted to and had to get a real sitter.

And don't hate on the shirts. In that theater, we were considered cool.

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