Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It was Craaazzzy!

Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at school. So the boys went as Mr. T and Mr. Freeze. They loved every second of the craziness.
And these are supposed to be their crazy faces...

 Oakley wanted to participate up until it was time to do her hair. First she said she wanted it all ratted, so I ratted all her hair. Then she started freaking out because she thought people wouldn't like it. We tried different things with the same result. Soon she was in tears. This is finally what she agreed too. If things are this dramatic now, can you imagine what is to come? Drama, Drama, Drama.

 It was difficult to do anything with her hair since the first thing we did was rat it, but the big pig tail balls worked and she ended up loving it in the end.
Here is to our first successful Crazy Hair Day!


Maga said...

Fun to see the crazy hair dues on your cute kids--it sounds like Oakley is all girl!!!

Kim said...

No Way! The boys hair is awesome! I can't believe Aiden let you guys do that and I can't believe Andrews hair is that long. I wonder if the dread locks have tramatized Oakley. She looks so cute, crazy hair and all.