Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meeting Mason

 We were able to meet Mason the day after he was born. My kids were so excited when I told them they would be able to see him. They love babies and new cousins. And I am not gonna lie, I was just as excited.  
 Cameron is going to be an excellent dad. You can just tell how much he loves this little guy already.

And Jill is going to be an excellent mom. Plus she has had the practice raising my children. She lived with us when Oakley, Paige, and Morgan were born and helped. a. lot.

We were also lucky enough to have a special visit the other day. Can you believe Jill and Cameron are already out and about? Seriously. I think it took us a while to go anywhere with our babies. That's how amazing these guys are.

The kids were out playing in the water when our visitors arrived, but gladly took a break to hold Mason for the first time.
Congratulations Jill and Cameron! We couldn't be happier for you guys. Thanks for sharing cute little Mason with us!

And here is to another stay at home mom to hang out with. ;)


Kim said...

What a cute little guy he is. Holding new born babies is the best.

Maga said...

Glad you taught Jill how to be a good Mom--you are a great one!!!