Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ogden Marathon

Trent ran the Ogden Marathon over the weekend. So, we packed up the kids to watch him finish. We got a great spot where the kids could see the finish line.
 Aiden was not happy at the time of this picture.
 But Brooke and I were.
 And a full shot of The Hoard anxiously awaiting their Dad's arrival.
 And unfortunately they sent the Marathoners down the other side of the finish stretch, so it made it more difficult to see Trent. He ran most the marathon with his running friend Brett. They even crossed the finish line together. Isn't that sweet? ;)
 The Machine and The Supporters.
 A better picture of the two finishers.
Trent did amazing as always and came in 13th. And if the marathon wasn't enough for the day he came home and mowed the lawn, weeded the front yard, and washed windows. All because we were having his birthday bbq (which I did not take one picture of) that night and he couldn't stand to have people see weeds or dirty windows. If it were me I would have been out of commission for days afterwards. He really is a machine.


Kim said...

I like his shirt..too bad it doens't fit right though....;)

Way to go Trent!

Mindy said...

A marathon for Trent is like a little 3 mile recovery run is for the rest of us. Machine is right!

Maga said...

Fun to see 'the machine' and his supporters!!CONGRATULATIONS TRENT