Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Years

We celebrated our 12 year Anniversary this year. Seriously were has the time gone. Went looking through our totally old school wedding album. Its amazing how things change!
 The night before our actual anniversary we went and saw a premier of The Hobbit. Trent got free tickets through work. The first 45 minutes were slow and long, but after that it got good. And Trent and I both loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins.
While we were movie watching Brooke and Ben were watching The Hoard. They took them to this amazing house that not only had a million lights, but the owner was handing out candy and toys to the kids. Who does that? So cute.
The next night was our official Anniversary so we hit up our favorite Texas Roadhouse. I had been craving fried pickles for a couple months and was excited to finally get some. Unfortunately the power went out after 45 minutes of waiting to sit. The pickle craving would not be satisfied.
We hit up crown burger instead and then came home to these crazies.
And this messy haired boy. He didn't like that I told him we had the same hair style.
We watched a movie with Brooke and Ben, who were nice enough to watch the kids 2 nights in a row. Afterward Brooke and I watched this car as it sat in the middle of the road for 45 minutes. We had lots of stories as to the reason, but it ended up being some teenagers had ran into the curb and bent the axle. The dad bailed them out and waited forever for a tow truck. Not as exciting as the stuff we were coming up with.
And I am sure you are all worried about my pickle craving. It was taken care of the following night.
It has been a great 12 years.

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Mindy said...

I was thinking how cute your striped shirt and yellow cardigan is, then I realized that today I am wearing a striped shirt and a yellow cardigan. Great minds think alike. ;)