Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Birthday

I had a great birthday weekend. There was really nothing planned, but Trent and I did get to go to a Jazz game a few days before. We have a ton of fun and they were actually really good seats.
That weekend we went and saw Wreck It Ralph with the kids. I loved it and though it was so cute.
We followed it with pizza dinner.
Trent cleaned up, which isn't unusual. He does it all the time, not just on special occasions.
While I cuddled with this sick one.
And watched some old school cartoons which are some of my faves.
I even got a pancake with my age on it, which you can barely see.
I found some of the cutest new dishes at TJ Maxx that I purchased for myself.
And was finally able to get rid of these beauties. Loved them while I had them, but it was time to move on.
And Trent surprised me with a gift card to Runners World. Now I can order some warm running clothes for this miserably cold weather we are having.
It was a fun, relaxing birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, messages, and presents that were sent my way!


Jill Clark said...

I LOVE those new dishes - I've been eyeing some like that at Target. I can't believe you've moved on from the green ones though.

Also - how cute is Trent and writing "my best friend" - you got a good one and I whole-heartedly agree with Cam that he gets a bad rap.

Mindy said...

LoVe the dishes! Also, a man cleaning up is sexy. Not that I'm looking at your husband that way, but, you know. It's sexy.