Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

I didn't finish up the whole month of Thankful Posts, but I am very thankful for one thing. So thankful the ward christmas party is over. For some reason the Relief Society Committee was put in charge and coming just 2 weeks after our RS Thanksgiving dinner I got a little burned out. But alas it turned out great and everyone had a good time.
We decided to go very kid friendly this year which meant candy galore as the center pieces.

Morgan and I bought all the food for the party. And Morgan was so excited to finally get to use one of the big carts.

We set up the night before and it really turned out cute. We even had crayons for the kids (and adults) to color on the tableclothes.

We had a great turn out and every seat was taken. The best part of the whole night was we didn't do a program. Kids got to color and run around and the adults just to sit and visit. It reas really quite perfect.
Thanks to all that helped. Couldn't have done it without my comittee. And a big thanks to Kristen who helped me assemble all the egg casseroles and muffin mixes and deliver them.

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Maga said...

Glad you had the perfect Ward Party!! Thanks to CLEVER AMY JENSEN and her cute little helpers!!!