Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aiden and Andrew's BDay

This post is sad for me to write. We had an epic fail of parenthood when it come to Aiden and Andrew's birthday. Here is how it went down.
First of all we don't do anything major because it is the day after Christmas and we always have their birthday party in January. So, being the amazing mom that I am I went to lunch with my friends. It was a fabulous lunch and I always like hanging out with these ladies.
Then comes the bad part., even worse than me spending my boy's Bday with my friends. We had told the boys they could pick any restaurant to go to for dinner to celebrate. They picked Spaghetti Factory. Well, Trent texts me in the afternoon to inform me he just found out the boys have a soccer game that night. Luckily it was at 5:15 so we could still make dinner afterwards. Unluckily was that it was a soccer game on their birthday.
You see, the boys are on a rec team and their coach decided to put together a team for indoor soccer this winter. Well, just imagine a hodge podge of boys pulled together at the last minute, showing up with no practice or any idea of the rules, and playing comp teams that having been playing together for a couple years. To put it nicely the boys get creamed and humiliated. So, they were not happy about going to soccer on their birthday.
So, we head down to the soccer game and a lot of their team mates didn't show up. They only had 6 players and you play with 7 which meant no substitutions. AND the other comp team played with all 7 players. Lame. They got their butts kicked even more so. And to top it off Aiden got a ball right to the face and gut. At half time I went to talk to the boys and I could tell they were fighting back tears. Seriously the worst thing to watch as a parent.
But wait, I am not done. I wish I were but I am not. Then during the game I got a text from Jamie saying they had just loaded the kids and were on their way up. We had arranged to watch their kids for them so they could hit the slopes. I thought we were taking kids in the morning. Trent had forgotten that he had arranged for them to come in the evening. So now we had to tell the boys we couldn't go out to eat.. And this was after getting leveled on the playing field.
You think I am done? Nope. So then we said since we couldn't go to dinner we could get dessert afterwards and they could once again pick anything they wanted. So after a good 10 minute discussion they picked Paces Dairy Ann. And wouldn't you know? I get a call from work that a pt had passed away. Dessert was out the window.
Like I said epic fail.
I did buy ice cream and a lego set for them on my way home to try and make amends. Unfortunately Aiden put a hershey bar in his ice cream and ended up hated it. I mean why not have a disgusting dessert on your horrible birthday.
The other kids enjoyed it though.
So all the other kids went to bed and we let Aiden and Andrew stay up as late as they wanted. They put together their new lego set and stayed up playing video games. Who knows when they went to bed.
The next day was filled with tons-o-fun. The girls scrap booked
Had tea parties.
Played in the snow.
While the boys play with blocks.
And Peek a Boo.

It definitely got better the next day with cousins and stuff, but Trent and I have never felt worse as parents. Hopefully I can make up for it with the most amazing minecraft birthday party here in a few weeks. Let the real birthday planning begin.

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Maga said...

I changed Kent and Kathy's birthdays when I needed too.
Didn't going up to the cabin on
10th count as a week-end birthday party?Incidently I've quit having birthdays so skip mine!!!