Monday, February 18, 2013


We made our way up to the Mountain again for some winter fun. Last trip I learned I didn't have the right gear for snowmobiling and didn't want to deal with that again. So I went out to find a new coat and found a cute on at REI on Clearance. Nice. Then Kim got me to go to the Columbia outlet where I found the same coat for half the clearance price. Booyah. Love a good deal and loved that I was super warm this go around.
We headed up Friday night and hit up the local Cafe Rio for some grub. It was delicious as always.

When we arrived at the cabin we noticed the pop had leaked all over the toboggan so we had to open each pack and check each can individually for any leaks. Morgan loved finding the ones with holes and finishing off what was left in them.

We spent a lot of time sleeping.

And playing video games.

Then it was time to skedaddle.
We always have to get an "engagement" shot before we leave.

And a group shot of the kids.

Kim wasn't feeling that great so she drove one of the snowmobiles down.

And Trent always gets stuck driving all the gear and girls down.

Aiden and Andrew joined us for the sled ride down.

Which was pretty extreme and resulted in 2 broken sleds. Never you mind it was the 2 fatty's that broke them. ;)

And to finish the trip off right we dined at the one and only McDonalds.

Where this girl got a salad and arranged the croutons just right before she would dig in.
Another perfect weekend.

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