Friday, February 8, 2013

Minecraft Party

We finally had the boys birthday party. I know almost 2 months late, but it is just too busy to do it during Christmas. And how much funner is it to spread out the fun?
The boys wanted a Minecraft party. For those that don't know what Minecraft is, its just a pixelized game where you mine for things, build stuff, and fight of zombies, ghasts, spiders, and creepers. I actually don't know much about it other than the fact it wastes too much of my boy's time.
So the preparations began. There wasn't a lot of Minecraft stuff so we had to go about making our own. Thanks to Kim's made pinata making skills we made a terrifying fire-breathing ghast.

All the other decorations we tried to make as Minecrafty as possible. Thank goodness for imaginations and the fact that kids love anything. ;)

The  kids started arriving and we moved right into the craft. We made minecraft characters, logos, and blocks with melty beads. And it was a much bigger hit than anticipated. The beads resembled the pixels in the game perfectly.

Then onto the treasure hunt, which was converted into the Minecraft version of mining for golden nuggets with clues. Loved watching the herd of kids run through the house from clue to clue.

and the final treasure was finding the Ghast and getting to beat it until it exploded with candy.

Everyone got a chance at the unfriendly ghast, even the adults.

After the candy was all picked up we moved onto presents, which lets face it, are the kids favorite part of any party.

Last on the agenda was the cake. My boys don't eat cake, so I made a creeper face out of rice krispie treats.
And the boys loved it.

We had a few extra visitors to the party.

A couple of goofs.

And 2 very happy 8 year olds. It was another successful party.
And couldn't have done it at all with out this one. I found out I had week long training for work and hadn't started making any of the things for my party, so she stepped in took the stuff to work and created away. Thanks Kim!

And remember the boys horrible actual birthday when we promised them Spaghetti Factory. Well they got it for dinner that night. And my boys have serious picture taking problems.

Now that was a long, but good day.


Anonymous said...

Can you share your hidden treasure clues?

Unknown said...

Hi. I love all the ideas you had for the party. By any chance do you still have the clues for the treasure hunt. I would love to do that for my sons birthday.

Thanks Dee

natalie said...

you really should sale everything you have made here,my 7 year old is amazed at everything we have just seen.and wants me to do all things for his birthday

its fab,weldone

benilhalk said...

These are so amazing party ideas. All these party arrangements are quite easy to do but look quite good. I would love to host such a party for my daughter at one of outdoor venues in Chicago. Her birthday in coming in couple of weeks.