Friday, February 1, 2013


Since I Instagram now it is harder to blog. I need to invent a way for instragram to download right to my blog. Wouldn't that be genius?
So I downloaded the last few weeks of instagram pics so I can put them down in my book of life. I mean, I am sure I will want to look back on all the little every day things I Instagram about right?
Back in January I was sick, sick, sick. I assumed this position for a few days and did absolutely nothing.

I even had Kim help relieve the pressure in my head. It felt sooo good.

Until it turned to this. I love my ugly face pictures. Because lets face it. Life isn't all beautiful and posed pictures right?

But while I was sick I had this to cheer me up. He's so hot right now.
We even got some visitors. Mason is the cutest thing.

And his mom is pretty cool too and had a spontaneous dance party with Paige and Morgan.

Another thing that cheered me up during my bout with the worst cold ever is an $80 fill up for the Bohemith. That never happens, but thanks to Smith's rewards it happened that day.
After Brooke moved out, Oakley took her room so now we have an empty room for me to work and, more importantly, the girls to do their crafts.

We've been waking up with severe bed heads lately. I think the girls throw their own dance parties in their sleep.

We've started a new check system which results in a lot of this.

Such a simple thing to make kids want to do chores.

We have  had a very gloomy winter, so one day I put on my sunshine pants and did a Sun Dance to try and bring out a little bit of sunlight.

And guess what? It worked!

Well, at least for an hour. Then it quickly turned to this.
I have been trying to eat a little less and a little more healthy. Here are some of my healthy snacks/meals as of late.

But I still do have a delicious treat every once in a while. I mean, come on you can't go cold turkey or you will die.

But I did manage to pass up my favorite part of a bag of chips. I actually had to throw it away to stop the temptation.

Along with eating better I am working out a little differently. I am doing a little more weight training and circuit type things along with running. Here is my cute bum print after doing a set of Russian Twists.
The kids found their very own ice rink under our deck the other day and loved sliding around.

And the boys finished their indoor soccer season, which they were very happy about. It wasn't a very good experience for them. But we celebrated at Micky D's with some breakfast afterwards.

I have been doing some shopping too. I HAD to hit up Sur La Table's clearance sale, which I got all my neighbor gifts purchased for next year. BooYah.

And have been hitting up the usuals, Ross and TJ Maxx.

Where I find killer deals like this.

And cute purses like this. Which I have to document as my first "real" purse I have ever purchased.

And we got to watch the Superbowl and eat delicious food with some of our favorite people.

And hopefully we can survive the rest of the winter better than my Thanksgiving Pumpkins. They got in a fight with the snow blower and lost. What a waste.
So there you have it. A quick recap of the last few weeks. You could say it was an Insta-cap. Jake Joke!


Mindy said...

Loved it! I saw these on instagram, but it was fun to read it in "story" form. :)

Maga said...

Enjoyed your recap of the last few weeks, but sorry you have been sick. Do you have 5 built in nurses? We stay home and are grateful for our nice warm house!