Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentines Day

Wow, this Valentines week nearly did me in. Making 5 boxes and getting 5 sets of classmate Valentines was rough. Glad it is over. But couldn't be happier with how the kid's V-Day boxes turned out.
I sent the kids off to school and decided to treat myself to a special Valentine run. I got my shoes out and noticed how different the wear and tear was between the 2. Who knows what I do when I run or how my right side is so much fatter.
But the run was lovely and it was so sunny. I actually forgot what it felt like to feel the sun on my face. My eyes were so unaccustomed to the light I couldn't even open them for a picture.

After my run I zipped over to the post office to get last minute Valentines mailed off. I was so burnt out from the boxes and class valentines that I decided to just send a bag of treats to people. Little did I know that the packages would be .2 oz over the limit and bumped to priority mail. I didn't leave the post office very happy. The guy asked if I still wanted to send them, which was after I had already picked out the envelopes, written the addresses on them, and sealed the M & M's inside. Duh. That's what I get for being lazy I guess.
On a happier note, the girls got to go to their friend's house after school and frost cookies. Emi is an amazing mom for having my crew over.

And I got the best surprise email from Trent. Loved every word.

For the night celebrations we were able to drop all kids of for Grandma night and paint the town red with these fine people. We hit up Crown Burger and REI for some shopping. It was a night full of good conversation, fun stories, and so much laughing we were crying. Loved every minute of it.

I would say our Valentine's was one of the best yet. My kids even had a post Valentine Hangover. I actually had to wake them up, which never happens.

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