Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Now on to the 4th of July post. I really wish I would keep up on my blog so I didn't have to go back 3 months and try and remember my life.
For some reason we had no kids on 4th of July Eve so Trent decided it was a perfect time to weed all night. Hm.

And just a little throw back pic from the 4th in 2007. I am so little and pretty.

We always go swimming on the 4th and have a pizza lunch.
And we enjoy each other's company.

There is lots of playing.

Learning to swim.

And of course chicken fights.

And we came out of the pool kidless again AND there was a melted Hershey bar on my car. Perfect!

Later we met up at our house for dinner, dessert, and dancing.

Then headed to a local church for the firework show.

 The next morning I got to run with the Grizzly. Always a favorite of mine. Not so sure how Trent likes running 2 minutes slower per mile. ;)
The next night we met up with the Veigel's for a 4th BBQ. There was a little mix up and we were told a different time than the rest so we missed half of it. Oops.

Another holiday come and gone.

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Kim said...

You look so cute in that floppy hat eating your hershys bar and I love the picture of you with grizzly Adams.