Friday, July 12, 2013

The New Yorkers

Jake, Becky, and boys came into town during July. We met up for some swimming.
And, of course, some more underwater pictures.
 This kid was a crack up. Loved him.

Got to spend some time with my Madre.

We enjoyed some grapes.

One night the adults hit up Mandarin. It was super delicious.

And then Neilson's for dessert. We did the Alien Face in honor of its founder Jake.

Then we had a cousin lunch at Robintinoes. It is always smart to put a group like up in the back room.
Always fun when the New Yorkers visit and so excited that they will be coming back permanently this Winter!! Wahoo!

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Kim said...

It will be nice to have everyone back together...All 22 of us!