Saturday, December 13, 2008

8 years....doesn't it go by in a blink.

This weekend we are celebrating our 8th Anniversary. I can't believe we have been married for 8 years, but at the same time it seems like we have been together forever. Here is a little trip down memory lane. While I was thinking about this post a lot of fun (and not so fun) memories came to my mind. Here are some tidbits, factoids, and other things that have happened during the different stages of our lives together:

The Courtship:
  • Our first date was at Yanni's where I had my first taste of Greek food. Followed by a trip to Maga's to play Guesstures and watch "Broken Down Palace."
  • Trent and I used to drive to each other's houses on 2-15 because I-15 was under construction.
  • Our parents both bought their first DVD players.
  • Trent's youngest sister was 6 years old and I couldn't believe he could have a sister that young.
  • We both got our first cell phones.
  • I bought my first car.
  • Trent and I bought our first DVD U571 and took it back back because of the dual layer pause in the middle. We thought it was damaged or something. Trent has come a long way in his "entertainment" knowledge.
  • We would email each other every day and more than once too.
  • I thought I was fat when we were dating (duh). Little did I know the girth that would be coming...
  • Ultimate frisbee was the majority of our dating activities. So. Much. Fun.
  • Trent would listen to 107.5's top 10 countdown driving home from my house every night.
  • Cade and Emily got married and Trent came to the reception and met my whole extended family less than a month after our first date.
  • Heidi met Brad, the future "Big Brad" as my kids call him.
  • Trent was a PAR at Deseret First.
  • I worked on a support line for JC Penny. Not a support line for drugs or eating disorders, but computer "type" problems. I know, me fixing people's computer problems. Ya, amazing.
  • Trent introduced me to Utah football. I had NO idea the kind of emotions that were in the game of football.
  • Trent asked me what I thought about getting married about a month after we started dating. My response..."To you?"
Ahh. The days of just laying around doing nothing but stare into each other's eyes. ;)

It was so much fun to snow shoe to/from the cabin in the dark. We had many a dates snow shoeing around mountains.
The Introduction. Utah football was a big part of Trent's life that I had to get used to. My family really wasn't into watching sports, but I will have to say I have grown to like football. You would be amazed at how many players I actually know...

I love the scenery behind us. We did a lot of stuff outdoors while we were dating. Good times.

The Engagement:
  • Trent designed my ring with his Grandpa and had it custom made.
  • I had a "6 Month Rule" before I could get engaged. And sure enough, 6 months after we started dating we were engaged.
  • We got engaged right before my first semester of nursing school started. It is hard to focus on school when you are planning a wedding.
  • Trent proposed while we were camping with my family in Greys River.
  • It was a difficult task to plan a reception when you know the whole groom's side had a firm belief that receptions were evil.
  • While apartment hunting my dad found a house for us to watch while a single sister went on her mission. We were first introduced to the "Blue Lagoon."
  • We counted down the days until our wedding.

The Pose. I always wanted the fall colors in my wedding announcement picture. I still love how it turned out. Man, we look young.

The Wedding:
  • We got married on Thursday, December 14 2000 in the Salt Lake Temple.
  • It was FREEZING that day.
  • We had to wait forever for our turn because the couple before us forgot their recommend.
  • I loved having so many people their to share my day with.
  • We got married during finals week. I do not recommend that at all.
  • We had hot chocolate and donuts for our reception food.
  • I loved finally getting sealed to Trent after all the planning. It was the best part of the day.
  • The day was perfect.
The happy couple in front of the famous tree. Trent will probably never wear a tux again in his life.

Everyone who shared the day with us and everyone who waited a LONG time at the wedding breakfast while we finished pictures. (I LOVE Pom Pom's coat!)

The Honeymoon:
  • Trent and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and that is all that I am going to say about that....

This is my favorite picture from our honeymoon. It has all of my favorite things from the trip: Trent, the beach, the warm weather, the clear water, and snorkling.

The Newlywed Years (the years without kids):
  • We didn't have TV for the first year of our marriage. It didn't come with the Blue Lagoon package.
  • We added our first additions to our family. Milo and Ody.
  • We bought our first house which was the cutest little house ever.
  • I started realizing how amazing Trent was and how he can really do anything. He remodeled our house and built the most amazing pergola (Jake helped quite a bit with that structure).
  • Trent traded in my first car without me knowing and bought me my first brand new car.
  • We travelled around. We went to Wisconsin (to visit Jake, Becky, and Lynn), Nauvoo, San Fransisco, Disneyland, The Price is Right (Trent hated every moment), and the usuals-Wyoming and Moab.
  • Trent and I graduated and got "real" jobs.
  • We went through too many infertility treatments to count. I wasn't a happy person during this time. I feel bad for Trent (and really anyone who came into contact with me), I was a horrible, angry woman.
  • We continued our favorite past times of snowshoeing and mountain biking. I haven't done either of these things for 4 years.
  • We would have Jamie and Jake up to the "Fat House" for many meals and movie nights.
  • Luke, Jake, and Jamie all went and returned from their missions.
  • Trent started becoming obsessed with TV's picture and sound.
  • We couldn't wait to have kids.

Our first additions. It has been an emotional week getting rid of these two. I still can't believe they are gone. They were both the cutest puppies ever.

Our cute house. It was really hard to leave, but it was a good thing we did. I couldn't imagine having my hoard in that house. Yikes.

Trent's (and Jake's) masterpiece. I can't wait until they can build one for our current house. It was the coolest Pergola ever created.

One of our many trips to Moab. It was so fun when we would go as a big group. We really had some great times down there.

And the snow shoeing group. I really can't believe how many times we would go. The best part was the sled ride down. We would laugh so hard at the crashes!

The Chaos Years:
  • We finally got our wish and got Aiden and Andrew after 2 1/2 years of trying.
  • Our family grew to a family of four.

  • Then 8 months later we got the biggest shock of our lives (at that point anyway). Little Oakley was on her way. We still couldn't believe it happened without any shots, petri dishes, or infertility specialists.
  • Now a family of five.

  • And 8 months after Oakley was born we really got the biggest shock of our lives. We were pregnant again, but with twins. Cute Paige and Morgan were ready to join in the chaos.
  • Our family was now a family of seven.

I really can't believe how our lives have changed over the past years and I can't wait to see the changes that come our way in the future. We really have the perfect life and I am so glad I said yes 8 years ago. Love ya Trent!!!


scharee.bergstrom said...

happy anniversary...what a great recap! and send the master pergola builder {and adorable spider catcher} our way! see you in a couple weeks!

Trent said...

Wow! It always amazes me how many details Amy remembers about our lives. She grabbed several pictures and went to work on this post. We really have had a great ride over the past 8 years. Looking back, there are activities I miss, but would trade what we have now for any of them.

I love our life together; our relationship, our kids, our families, and our activities. This weekend in St. George was the perfect anniversary activity. Although everything we have done as been fun, the best part has been the time we have to talk to each other without interruption. It was like falling in love all over again.

It really amazes me every day how much we have in common. We are so lucky to fit so well. Instead of spending time harping on our differences we can spend it trying to raise a hoard of kids. You always hear stories about couples that grow apart when they have their kids, but this weekend has reassured me that we are still very much alike and can hang out as best friends any time.

Thanks for making the perfect Anniversary and the perfect life. I love you Amy.

DMJK McQuivey said...

That's a great post Amy! It was so fun to see you, thanks for visiting us!! You guys are such a cute couple!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved reading your look back...sounds like you guys have had quite the experiences together! You make a great couple...and a beautiful family.

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary is exactly a week after yours... but it will be 14 years!! I loved reading about your story!

hbentley said...

I love your post. Well done revisiting all those stages of life. I can't believe how much your little family has grown. You had all your kids after I had Josh. HOLY COW!!
I am glad you said Yes to Trent. We love having you in our family.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Wow this was a great post, Amy. You guys really are so great together. Hope you had an amazing anniversary!!!

Ginny said...

wow...what a great recap, especially for those of us who joined your party late! and trent, your comment made me cry (and miss our recent trip away alone!) happy anniversary you two!!!

Amber said...

congrats you guys! It was fun to go down memory lane with you! And Trent, that was very sweet, I love it when a guy can be all tender, especially about his wife, we really need that! Amy, you got a good one!

Sarah said...

happy anniversary! that was really fun to read ~ thanks for sharing! i totally have to show kurtis that pergola so he can build me one :)

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Happy anniversary! 8 years seems to have flown by. You guys are great.

ajensen said...

So wonderful! Very fun to read!

akdoxey said...

Thanks for taking me on a journey of your lives. It was fun to follow. I love your wedding pictures, you do look so young, and I must say, well slept. But you have the cutest kids.

Oh, and so sorry about your birthday, as if it's not difficult to go through everything with Milo, having the kids with you is hard enough.

Karina said...

Love, love, loved this post! I loved reading every moment of it, and Im a little embarassed to say that I got a little teary eyed when I read Trents comment (especially because I really dont know you very well!)

And I have to say that that, AMY you really do look the same as you did eight years ago!!! You look great!

Shanna said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great story!

Wade Family said...

Happy Anniversary. Impressive, you have a great memory, they say your mind goes with each kid...ya I am living proof of that. I can't remember anything these days. I enjoyed reading the post and I am so happy for you and your darling family...its truly amazing how things always work out and how blessed we truly are. Congrats on 8 great years!

Michelle said...

Great post Amy. Congratulations on a wonderful beginning to the rest of your lives.

Julie said...

This is so awesome of you do go down memory lane with such detail. I loved it. I amazes me at how things work out. You had to try so hard for the first two but the rest came so easy. How wierd is that? Does it make you wonder what all that was about? Well, I'm glad you got your wish and then some. I'm so glad that the two of you are so happy.

Trevor and Loralee said...

How cute is that! You have been very blessed, and you deserve it! I love to read your blog and see your cute family. Happy 8 years!

Eddy and Tiffany said...

Wow, Amy. Those last few posts (I haven't read in a while, I had to catch up) were pretty fun to read, but this one is by far my favorite! Congratulations!

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