Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas Dinners Galore!!

It seems all of our family Christmas parties all ended up being these last few days before Christmas. Every night we have gone to a different party and every night we have a great time and eat way too much food.

First: The Progressive Dinner

Trent's family (Trent's mom's side) does a progressive dinner every year. We go to different houses and enjoy different courses. The food is always so good and the company isn't too bad either! It was actually fun to see all you bloggers in real life instead of the 2 dimensional one I look at everyday! The progressive dinner is one of Trent's favorite traditions and it was a great start to the week of celebrating!

Second: The Veigel Dinner

My dad has 1 brother that lives close, so we alternate houses every year and have dinner together. We hosted the party this year. It is always so nice when people will travel to us instead of packing the hoard up and going to a non-child proof house. Once again we had some delicious food and had fun watching the kids come up from the playroom in different costumes. Who would have thought we would celebrate Halloween and Christmas in the same day?

Third: The Dodee Dinner

Last night we had the Dodee dinner. For those of you who don't know, Dodee makes the best food ever. It is always a treat to get Dodee food! We all enjoyed the "breakfast dinner," listened to past Christmas memories, and opened gifts. Dodee and Papa are always so generous and they really make the night fun. My kids had the best time!
Thanks to all the families that put so much time into these parties and making Christmas so much fun. I love ALL Christmas traditions and can't wait to start some of our own!
Merry Christmas to All!!!


Luke & Kimmy said...

Great post! I love that the holidays just bring a Schmorgasboard of food and fun!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas! I think we drove by your house last night - we were trying to find it after we came home from church and it looked like there was some serious partying going on inside. I hope you guys had a great day ~ see you tomorrow!

Jamie N said...

Such cute collages. I love seeing so many pics. It was fun getting to spend so much time together during the holidays.

PS - I love the pic of you and Trent at the progressive dinner. You both look really good.

Julie said...

Hey, we did a progressive dinner this year with my family and it was so fun! A new tradition. I'm glad you were able to have the company come to you for your family party. It's fun to be in other people's spaces and see how they live but sharing your space is even more fun. Looks like you guys had a blast.