Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinner Partays!

We have had quite the run of party's this past weekend. With all the good food AND not being able to run, I am afraid I will be getting quite large.

We had a fun night with our neighborhood friends at Joy Luck. It really was delicious food and I ate a ton of it! Afterwards we played some Apples to Apples, which Trent loved, then watched Orange County. It is always a good time when we get together with this group!


I have no picture of this BBQ, but we had Trent's work friends over for dinner and a movie. Matt and Cari had never seen Transformers, so that was the movie of choice. Another meal that consisted of too much good food. Cari, you need to email me your turtle dessert recipe!!!


Kellee and Scharee were in town so we had a little BBQ at our house with some of the old High School group. I had such good friends in High School and I am so glad that we have remained friends after so many years. And I really hate my body in this picture. Is it the angle or the clothes or have a really just gotten bigger. Note to self: stop eating.


We had out Fathers Day celebration at the Jensens on Sunday, seeing how all the girls were in St. George on the real Fathers Day. And, once again, another delicious meal and good company. Happy Fathers Day to all the Father's in my life!!!


Monday night we had our last BBQ of the weekend. Uncle Jake and Candice came up to enjoy some good food and a good movie. We played with sidewalk chalk, hit apples into the forest, watched some You Tube's, ate some very, very good food, and watched Gladiator. Thanks for hanging out with us!!!

So, after all these dinners and making food for all these dinners, I am just about dinnered out. Don't get me wrong, I love a good BBQ, but 5 BIG meals in a row is a little much. Thanks everyone for the fun weekend!!!


Jamie N said...

For some reason I find it amusing to see pics of you guys hanging out with friends.

And I LOVE that last pic. First of all, how the heck is everyone so tan? Second, could Candice be any cuter? She's a doll. And last, what is that face Jake is pulling?

Alyssa said...

Joy Luck was delicious! Whats the plan for this week? BBQ at your house! :) You have to keep your party streak going!

Annie said...

You guys are little socialites. How fun to have a calendar full of great food!

Andrea said...

Wow--you don't let 5 little kids get in the way of FOOD and EATING the food. Love food. Too bad my body shows it. Such a fun weekend you had!

Sarah said...

I really wish I could have made it Saturday! I hope you all had a great time. I just booked tickets to SLC for 9/3-9/9 so we will definitely have to get together.

So, I have to ask. Are you on blog comment vacation? I haven't heard from you in what seems like ages (okay it really hasn't been THAT long) :) As I've said before, if I don't have a comment from Amy within an hour of posting I figure you must be on vacation or something else is going on :) I hope everything is okay!

Hope to see in you in September.

Ginny said...

i'm feeling full just reading about all the good food. you might have just stopped me from making cookies, so thanks (i think)!

Tavan said...

You are the hostest with the mostest!!

Sam said...

Love party weekends! Doesn't it make the weekends seem to blink by, though? *sigh*. So are you still thinking of doing another race at the end of summer? I've been very slack since Bear Lake, I'm afraid... :( bad me.

hope you guys are having a joyous summer!

amyandseth06 said...

You're being too hard on yourself(about the whole eating thing). Eating out with friends and family is what lifes all about.
PS- will you give me this same talk after I have the twins and go insane about dieting and what I'm eating? I know I will be crazy, I always am, until I get back to where I was before.
I love the high school picture. It's fun to see everyone.