Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Phat's ha good me-ball!

The simple layout and unrefined composition of this post will most likely reveal that was posted by Trent and not Amy. I have been given the gift of a true Fathers Day weekend and as such feel compelled to document an unexpected act of kindness.

Though some might mistake this meatball feast as payment for singing lessons, it was infact someone's unsolicited idea for a Fathers Day gift. It amazes me how toughtful people can be. I usually only help others when they ask me first. Every bite I took I thought about the time it would take to make all this food. Thank you for thinking of me. The meal was absolutely delicious. I even enjoyed the salad.

"I feel like I'm stealing from you Rosie."

I would like their identity to remain anonymous so if anyone recognizes the dishes please do not reveal the owner.


Shannon said...

Well that was an awesome thing for someone to do for you guys while Amy is out of town. You must have many fans!

Kim said...

Wow that's really nice of someone. Looks really good too.

Allen's said...

Glad someone is taking care of you while Amy is gone.

Sarah said...

Looks delicious!

Amy said...

SO nice! I am glad someone took care of you and probably did a better job than I would have. ;) Looks delish and I hope there is leftovers for me to try!

Jamie N said...

That's does look good - and I don't even eat meat!

See Trent, there is hope in humankind; there is good to be found in people. Love that they brought dinner to you. Honestly, how nice!

And how nice of you to take care of the crew so Amy could have her blissful, kid-free weekend.