Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day?

My Mother's Day weekend really wasn't much of a Mother's Day weekend. Trent took the older kids camping, so I only had Paige and Morgan, which was like a vacation for me. The weekend started out good with a late night with Kimmy catching up on Greys Anatomy. We had six episodes to watch and it took 2 nights to do it.

The next morning the girls and I headed to a Johnson Shower. It was delicious and it is always good to see the family.
I stole this pic from Jamie's blog. I have pictures on my camera, but I am just too lazy to download them...

After the shower is when my weekend started to turn crappy. I was working (the reason I didn't go camping with my family) and was gone the rest of the day. I got yelled at by a patients daughter, had to put a catheter in-which is never fun, had to tell a pt's wife that her husband only had a day or two left, and had to do an admit. Thanks to Kim for watching the girls! Affter the long afternoon, I got my favorite taco's from Cafe Rio on the way home and got sick shortly after eating them, which is actually a good thing. Now I won't crave them every single day.

Sunday we went to church, which is always nice. Love the nursery and being kid free for a little while! Left church early because I got another call for work. Another admit. Admits are the worst, they take forever and there is a ton of paperwork following. Thanks to Brooke for taking the girls this time! Although, she wasn't complaining because she was able to miss some church. ;) After the admit I was driving to the Mother's Day dinner at the Jensens when I got the call that the patient from yesterday had passed away. So sad for his wife. Finally got back for dinner, which was so good. We went home, put the kids right to bed, then put ourselves right to bed.

And to top things off something is wrong with my foot. I did a long run on Friday and everything was fine. Then Saturday it started hurting and just got worse. I can barely even walk on it now. I am just cursed. It looks like I will never get back into running completely.

Sorry for my downer post, but my blog is about my life and that was my life for the weekend. And sometimes life is hard. But I would rather be busy at work, than out of work. I would rather feel pain when I walk than not be able to walk at all. I would rather be exhausted at the end of the day from taking care of my kids than not getting the opportunity to be a Mom. So, I guess it really was a good Mother's Day weekend after all.


Trent said...

I'm the curse!

I thought I was offering a generous service taking the 3 older kids camping for the weekend. I should know by now that whenever I go on a trip without you, you are cursed with the worst weeks of your life. I cannot think of a trip I have taken without you that hasn't been accompanied with sick kids or too much work. I think the only way to give you a break is to have you be the one going on vacation. Better plan another girls weekend.

Annie said...

Bless your heart. What an awful weekend. And, I'm so bummed about your foot/another running stumbling block. What the heck?! Why is your body being so mad at you? I hope this is a much shorter lived injury.

Wishing you a better week/weekend this week.

kristy said...

aww poor thing. Hope this week is better for you

Maga said...

Sorry about your foot--I have a couple of crutches that fit my arm if you want to borrow them. Good Luck on everything!!!!

Kim said...

We better conjure up some sort of a healing potion for you. I can't lose you now dang it!